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Consultants - Public Relations
Awesome Communications Awesome Communications works with a wide range of individuals and organisations to identify and support their individual communications needs. Everything from traditional media relations, copywriting and the creation of marketing materials; to event organising, website development and building and maintaining a social media profile and community, can be delivered at an affordable price. Visit the website for more information and Janet Awe's LinkedIn profile for client recommendations.

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Bubble & Squeak Bubble & Squeak is a PR and marketing communications agency with clients primarily in the broadcast (film and TV), audio, production, post-production, cg, graphics industries, games development as well as music, creative and design and new media.

Launched in 1999 in the UK and in 2002 in the USA, we pride ourselves on our good media relations with key press. These contacts are worldwide with particular focus and experience with the press in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, EMEA as well as in North America. Bubble & Squeak staff also have a wide range of mainstream business and consumer press experience which can be drawn upon if and when relevant to your needs.

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